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    It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end! Thanks for a great year!


     Remember to check the weekly update that is placed in your child's baggie each Monday.  It contains all the skills and updates for the week.         






*Use the bathroom BEFORE coming to school.

*One HEALTHY ,easy to open snack and a small water bottle  (with name).


     M - P.E.(Always wear gymshoes).

     T - Music 

     W - Library(Oct.)/Art or Computer 

     Th - Computer/P.E.

      F -Mass (2nd quarter) /Music


*Please return the baggie each day.  Empty all the contents out of the baggie. Go over anything that is circled on your child's papers.  Any notes or papers should always be put in the baggies.

*Please put in writing if your child's transportation is different.

*Continue to work on self-help skills:  shoe tying, tucking in shirts, buttoning, zipping, etc...

*Make sure everything is labeled with your child's name. 

* To contact me:  367-6826/ e-mail:  moehring_j@sjbharrison



*Practice sight words each night. Try writing them in sentences.

*Practice sounding out CVC words:  hat, cap, box, lid, jam.  Identify the beginning, middle, and ending sound.

 *Practice correct letter and number formation.

*Practice counting to 100.

*Practice writing numbers to 100.

*Read a story to your child. Ask them questions about the story.

****I will be sending a red folder in the baggie each MONDAY.  Help your child read the story 2-3 times during the week.  Your child needs to write a sentence about the story. Draw a picture to go with the sentence.  We have been working on starting a sentence with a capital letter and making sure our sentence ends with a punctuation mark.  I have included a list of "Reading Strategies" and a copy of the sight words. Return everything in your child's baggie on Thursday. LAST WEEK


Upcoming Events:


 May 23 - Relay For Life (wear a yellow shirt or something with yellow/athletic bottoms)

May 24 - Kindergarten Program - 7:00 p.m. (Last day for kindergarten, only) 





Thanks for all your help,

Judy Moehring



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  • Mrs. Judy Moehring
    Grade Level : K Moehring,
    Education : University of Cincinnati - Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education; Masters of Education as a Reading Specialist-Xavier Univ
    Experience : 16-20
    Catechesis : Basic
    Personal Reflection : It is so amazing to see the growth in kindergarten children from the beginning to the end of the year.
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