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Dear Parents,

     Welcome to St. John the Baptist School and to the 2016-2017 school year!  My name is Mrs. Julie Post and I will be your child's first grade teacher.  I am very anxious to begin working with you and your child. My education includes a masters degree in learning disabilities and behavior disorders from Xavier University and a BA in elementary education from Thomas More College. My husband and I have raised five children with our last off at college. We are also enjoying our two grandchildren.

   Your child can anticipate a wonderful year learning to read and write. As the year begins I'm looking forward to the many opportunities that we as a team, will have to help your child learn and grow.  It is so necessary for us to work together and support each other in your child's efforts at school.  If at any time you have questions concerning your child, call school and leave a message or just drop me a note--I'd love to hear from you as the year goes on!   My e-mail address is  I will do my best to check this, but sometimes if you need a quick reply, drop me a note and send it with your child.  I do not check e-mails during the school day but usually at the end of the day or evening.  Thanks. Together we can make this a great year of learning.  The following are some notes of importance.  Please refer to these notes as needed throughout the year.  Have a good beginning!


  1. Snacks-  We will have a snack time each morning.  Please send a nutritional snack to school each day, even if your child is buying lunch.  (No candy or gum please)  Do not send in juice boxes for snack time.  First graders need a mid-morning boost, therefore a snack is important. (Make sure your child eats a good breakfast each morning before school also.)


2. Lunch- The cost of lunch is $_3.10___ (includes milk).  Milk is 50 cents.  Juice is 50  cents. It is helpful if your child pays either one day or one week at a time.  Correct change is also helpful but not necessary.  Let your child know if he/she is a daily buyer or a packer. Your child should also know if he/she is ordering the regular lunch, salad, yogurt, baked potato, or peanut butter and jelly.


3. Physical Education-  Physical Education classes will begin shortly.  Your child will have this class on Tuesday and Thursday. Please wear gym shoes on those days.  Girls are to wear shorts under uniform skirts. On PE days, girls with long hair are asked to be sure to pull their hair back.  Boys wear regular school clothes and gym shoes.  Mrs. Marla Ziegler is the PE teacher.


4. Music Class-  Your children will participate in music class twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.  Mrs. Christy Bingle is the music teacher.

We will enjoy art class with Mrs. Combs twice a month as well as in our own classroom.

5. Mass-  First grade will be celebrating Mass once a week, on Friday, with the whole school. Weekly Mass begins at 9:05.  We also go to Mass on Holy Days.  We will usually sit with our 7th grade “Big Brothers/Big Sisters”.  They will help us learn what to do at Mass.  You are very welcome to celebrate our weekly Masses with us.  The children love to see you at Mass!  Please have your child wear long uniform pants or skirt on church days.  No short pants.


6. Library-  Your child will visit the school library once a week.  I will let you know the day when a schedule is set.  We will begin in several weeks.  Your child may check out 2 books each visit.  Please encourage responsibility.  Send books back the day they are due.  Also keep an eye open for various books other than school library books, as during the year your child will be bringing home a variety of books from other places.


7. Homework-  A homework note will be sent home each Monday.  Homework assignments can also be found on ASCEND, our school's student management program. (Go to your ASCEND account and click on eClassroom and then click on News. Do not go to Homework as first grade's homework in posted under News.) Weekly homework will be posted but make sure to ALWAYS look in your child’s book bag on Monday for the entire homework packet as this will contain other important information.  Homework assignments will help you know what your child is working on in class, especially in language arts and math.  Your child should spend about 20 minutes a night on homework although this will vary according to your child's work habits and ability. The children are at many different academic levels. Your child should also plan on time to read to you each day. A book baggie book will soon be coming home every night, Monday through Thursday. Now is the time to develop good habits and responsibility.  It will be your child's responsibility to return homework the next day. Many children will need reminders to do this!  It will be very helpful for your child to have a lined writing tablet to keep at home to use for homework.  This will help as your child begins to develop his/her handwriting skills.  Encourage neatness in their work.  Please have your child return the homework in a pocket folder that is to be kept in their school bag.  Notes that go home should also be put in this folder so you will know where to look for notes from school!  Hopefully, you will find what is sent home!  Please check in your child’s book bag EVERY night!


8. Arrivals and Pick-ups- It is important that your child gets to school and has time to unpack and be ready for the day to start.  If your child is a car rider, 8:30 is a good arrival time and allows your child time to prepare for the day.  Most bus riders will arrive near this time as well. School will begin at 8:50 with prayers and announcements. It is so important for your child to be ready to go by this time, not just coming in the room to unpack at this time.

      If your child is going home with another child or parent, or if you are picking your child up when he/she usually rides the bus, please send a note saying what your child will be doing. I cannot let your child do anything different as far as where they go after school or how, unless I have a note from you.  Please also send a note on days your child stays for special activities such as Brownies or Student Council.  No child may stay after school unless I have a note each day that he/she is to stay.  Thanks for your help in keeping all our children safe!


9. Absences- Please notify the office early in the day if your child will be absent.  When your child returns to school, please send a written note to explain their absence.  Please send a note even if you have talked to someone in the office, as we need this for our records.


10. Recess-  Your child will have 20 minutes of recess after lunch each day.  If for a medical reason, your child is unable to go outside, I must have a note from home.  During the cold weather, please send your child dressed to play outside.  Hats and mittens/gloves are needed on these cold days.  It is helpful if your child practices at home how to zip, button, tie, etc. their clothes. Many children in the first grade are working on tying shoes. Please continue to work on this at home as this skill is not practiced here at school but a skill that the children need to learn. (Our "shoe experts" do help those still learning!)


11. Birthdays-  The children enjoy celebrating their birthdays at school.  If your child wants to bring a treat, that's great! A healthy treat would be wonderful.  Please send napkins if needed. You may also send in a non-food item instead of a food treat. The kids love to get a pencil, glue stick, eraser, etc. I have found it works best if your child brings the treat to school in the morning if possible.  We usually celebrate at snack time.  Just send a note a few days before the day they wish to celebrate so I may plan for it.  We have 19 children in our class.  Our class will celebrate all summer birthdays at the end of the year with a special birthday celebration day!


12. Holiday Celebrations-  Our class will be celebrating Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day with class parties.  If you would like to help out or send treats etc. for a holiday party, please fill out the form that is sent home.  Also if you would be willing to help organize the party, please check that on the form as well.  If you sign up to help, a parent or I will contact you closer to the time of the party.  Thanks in advance for your help!


13. Discipline-  In order for our classroom to be a place of learning and growth, there needs to be a certain amount of order in our room and respect for others.  This year we will be working in large and small groups as well as in partners and independently.  We will be working on developing skills for working together co-operatively.  Since success depends on self-discipline, we will be discussing a classroom plan that will allow every student the opportunity to manage his/her own behavior.  The children and I will be coming up with our classroom rules together during the course of this week.  These will be our “I Care” rules which we will use in our room.  A copy of the rules we decide on will be sent home so you will know what they will be too.  Watch for them to come home! 

     Discipline will be approached in a positive manner.  The children will be encouraged to help themselves and each other in following the rules of our classroom.  Please try to encourage and reinforce any positive behaviors at home also.

     If a child does not choose to follow our plan, the following will take place:  We will use a card system with different colored circles, like a stoplight.  ALL children begin EVERY DAY with their card turned to the green circle for “go for good behavior.”  Children try to keep it green by remembering our classroom rules.  If these are forgotten:

     1st time:  Verbal reminder

     2nd time:  Turn card to yellow for “slow down and think.”

     3rd time:  Turn card to 2nd yellow, and think or talk with the teacher about ways to improve.

     4th time:  Turn card to red for “stop,” note sent home to parents, note is signed and returned to school the next day.  If after a child has reached a red card and still needs further help, parents will be notified of the situation so that we can work together to help your child.  In cases of severe disruption, parents and principal will be immediately notified.                                                                        


14. Communications from school office-  Most communications from the office will be posted on the school website each Friday. Please check it weekly. The important school newsletter, “The Jaguar Journal” will be on the website each week.  This contains most information from the school. On some Fridays, in your child’s regular “Friday Work Envelope” you will also receive other office communications. These notes etc. will go home with the youngest students at school in K-8. (This is usually most of the first graders!)

     Thank you for reading all these notes!  It is a lot in the beginning but hopefully many of your questions will have been answered and we will be off to a great start!


                                                                        Happy beginnings,

                                                                              Julie Post   Smile                                                                      

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