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 Physical Education                           November 22, 2016


  As you go about your holiday shopping, please keep in mind gifts that promote physical activity for your child/children. Jump ropes, skates, hula hoops, balls of all kinds, rackets, and such make great presents that allow children to have FUN. When children are given an opportunity to move and develop their physical skills, they are successful in other areas of their life. 



               November 30, 2016


       Students in Grades 5-8 are working on volleyball skills.

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  • Mrs. Marla Ziegler
    Grade Level : 1 Frey, 1 Post, 2 Fox, 2 Steelman, 3 Dean, 3 Walter, 4 Anneken, 4 Nash, 5 Finn, 5 Metzger, 6 Schalk, 8 Schwab, K Moehring, K Wallace,
    Education : Bachelor of Science Physical Education and Health K-8 Indiana State University
    Experience : 21+
    Catechesis : Advanced
    Personal Reflection : I teach Physical Education, not GYM. My classes are held in the gym or outside and students in my classes learn to MOVE. I don't play all day - I teach children about movement, their bodies, and how to be healthy.
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