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Welcome to the Art Room

“Where great art is made!”


Below is an overview of what students in grade 4-8 will be learning in art class this year:


4th grade
Will learn about the first people who lived in Ohio and and the different cultures and immigrants who helped shape our state.  We will also study some famous artists who are from Ohio.  For most of the year we will be learning about the Elements of Art (color,line, shape, form, space, and texture) and how they help artists make great art! Finally we will study art from different regions of the United States.


5th grade
We will start the year off learning about the Elements of Art (color, line, shape,form, space, and texture) and how they help artists make great art! Then we will study tribal art from North America and South America and ending the year learning about Colonial times and Colonial art.


6th grade
Will embark on a globe trotting adventure learning about Ancient Civilizations and World Cultures from such times and places as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia, Europe, India, Africa, etc.


7th grade
We will study famous artists from the Renaissance -1950’s.


8th grade
Will study art from 1950’s-today.  Later in the year through drawing, painting and use of other techniques and materials students will find their own voices to make great art.

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  • Mrs. Stacie Combs
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