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eClassroom - Samantha Clarke

Welcome to Junior High!


Simple Solutions will be due every Friday.  We will go in order, so your student should know which lesson they are on.  I want to let the parents know that the Simple Solutions books this year are new, and a little more challenging compared to prior years.  That means that some of the problems that come up during the assigned lessons may be problems the students haven't learned yet.  This is especially true for the Algebra simple solutions books.  If your student has not learned how to do that problem yet in class, they are able to skip it.  If they aren't sure about the problem or if they have learned it yet, they need to ask me during school the week that it is due no later than Thursday during the school day.  Again, this mostly applies to Algebra. I encourage the students to do simple solutions ahead, and not wait until Thursday night, so they can ask me questions.  As long as they are ahead of the game, this should not be an issue.  Thanks for your flexibility!


I do a points system for math class. 

We will have homework, simple solutions, quizzes, and tests that are taken for a grade.

Tests will be worth 200 points


Mrs. Clarke

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  • Mrs. Samantha Clarke
    Experience : 1-5
    Catechesis : Advanced
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